Monday, January 28, 2008

Woohoo Snow Day!!

Oh it was so nice to sleep in today! To have a snow day is great! I have to do some work for school though so I will be ready for 2nd semester on Wednesday. Participated a bit in the Paws on Scrapbooking cyber crop this weekend, it was a great time! I wish I had more time to participate! I am hoping maybe to do some challenges today even though the crop is over. Here is one of the things I made, they had a post it note make and take, it was fun, here is mine:

I also participated in the glitter challenged and got a card done.

My dance school, Katrina's Dance Works had a dance audition at the imperial theatre yesterday for dance 2008. I am hoping it went well, I feel that we did really good and the judges really liked our riverdance. Hopefully we will find out soon what dances made it into the show. The show is March 29th. Well I have to go and do some house work, bye for now!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well, yesterday was a busy day. I went shopping the sidewalk sales at the mall with my mom and sister, but then I also was shopping for scrapbooking supplies through e-mail! Tanya Munn a scrapper's blog I browse is selling all kinds of her scrap stuff, check out her blog if you are interested in buying some. Stuff is going fast so don't delay!
Today will be a day of laundry, cleaning, painting one of our apartments, and dancing. I have a private lesson to teach and then a class tonight. Tomorrow is the start of exams at school so this should be a little bit of a break. It won't be so tiring anyway. Well my laundry has stopped so I need to go put it in the dryer. Chow for now!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Yay, I just love Fridays! I am so glad this week at work is over with, we are getting ready for exams and it has been so crazy! Especially where we had 1.5 snow days this week! Tonight we had a nice evening, DH got his XBox back (it broke Christmas day and had to be sent away to get fixed) and we got guitar hero III and played it most of the evening, I love that game! I was hoping to scrap tonight but that didn't happen, so maybe I will get some of that done tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow Day!

Woohoo, snow day! It was good besides the fact it throws off everything I have to teach before exams but thats ok! It was a productive day I got a test all made up and my exams all finished. I also did some laundry and now I am scrapping. I have one valentine's card done already and plan on doing more. I don't have ballet class tonight either since school was cancelled that means class is cancelled. Hubby just left for the gym so that leaves me to my scrapping but first I must have supper. I think I will make chicken ceasar wraps, yum! I also found out today that my cousin is pregnant! Yay! Another little one around for the family christmas party next year! Well that's all for now!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Schools out early!

School got dismissed at 12:20pm today. Well students who were walking or driving were allowed to leave at that time, those taking the bus had to wait until 1:30pm! Woohoo an early day and plus my tap class I teach tonight got cancelled and so did my ballet class that I take so I get to stay in and scrap tonight! I think I have got my mom hooked. She made cards all day saturday and sunday and is going to try doing a layout tonight, so we will see how she makes out. Stay safe if you are travelling in the snow today and try to keep warm!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Well, this is my first (hopefully of many!) Blog entries. I enjoy Sundays but not Sunday evening, I guess it is knowing that we have to go back to work soon. I did get lots accomplished today, cleaned my house, did 4 loads of laundry, and plus went to dance class for 2 hours tonight. I am in the process of writing a reference letter right now for a girl that used to work for me at a day camp. They can be hard to write sometimes. I wish they would just call and ask you questions, I always want to word everything just right! I find that takes so long! I didn't get a chance to scrap this weekend but I am hoping to next week. I still need to put some of my goodies away from the big sale at Paws on Scrapbooking! Well my tea is boiling, so enjoy the rest of your Sunday!