Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Tuesday!!

It is Tuesday and back to work this week, well it never feels like I left. I still wish I was in that Dominican sun! I have a few more photos from my trip that I wanted to share with you! My husband and I had a photo shoot in the garden and on the beach while we were there, it was so much fun!! The photoshoot itself was free however the pictures were super expensive!! The pictures cost $10 for each print but also $10 to put each picture on CD! We had 118 photos taken and had them down to $200 but couldn't get them to go any lower, so we only got 7 of the photos, but there was so many that I loved!! So here are the 7 that we chose in the end, everytime I look at these it makes me want to go back!

Thanks for having a look at the photos, hope you are having a great week!!!


MyLittleTeapot said...

You're sexy darl! So is your man.

TraceyT said...

Wowzers, girl. what a hot photo shoot. LOVE these. Looks like so much fun.